An Opportunity for Italy To EURO 2016

An Opportunity for Italy To EURO 2016 – Italy to EURO 2016 has prepared some preparation including the coach, strategy, players and also the team itself. Some notable players are playing in some prestigious football league such as Serie A, English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and many more. Some popular players are such as Andrea Pirlo, Genaro Gatusso, Mario Ballotelli, Francesco Totti, and others.

An Opportunity for Italy To EURO 2016

The team’s coach

In 2014, Antonio Conte was selected as the coachof Italy national football team. He is well-known as the coach of Juventus that receive Serie A hat trick titles. He is the former of Juventus captain and he is successful coach the club to be one of the most powerful football club in the world. He is popular with his new revolutionary playing tactic with 4-24 before applying 3-5-2 that worked so well with him in Turin.

Just because he was successful gave some trophies for Juventus it doesn’t mean that he had no controversy. He was claimed that he couldn’t be at Italy national team due to his national side. His breakthrough when he selected Marco Camoranessi to join the team squad that made the team win the FIFA 2006 World Cup.

How Italy qualified?

Italy won the qualification of EURO 2016 after winning the Group H where they belong. They defeated Croatia and collecting seven points afterward. The team has collected seven winning with three draws from ten football matches. The team also defeated Malta with 1-0 victory and also defeated Azerbaijan with 2-1 score.

As the manager of Italy to EURO 2016, Conte had some worries when some of his players were terribly injured. He made his team to work efficiently. He is doubtful to consider renewing his contract further than the next summer somehow.

The history of the tournament

At UEFA EURO 1968, Italy defeated Yugoslavia when the tournament of final was still constrained to only 4 teams. they have been runner up for twice ever since. In EURO 2000 they also defeated Holland at the semi final stage with 1-0 victory. David Trezeguet received the golden winner by delivering a shot past Francesco Toldo at thirteen minutes in an extra time. The team also defeated England at the quarter final stage with two goals scored by Mario Ballotelly, making Germany upset for the semi final stage. Unfortunately,  Spain defeated them with 4-0 victory.

Key players

After Andrea Pirlo decided to move to MLS league, Conte warns him to come back to serie A in Italy or it would be very difficult for him. Gianluigi Buffon as the national team goal keeper is the most valuable player Italy team has.

The goalkeeper plans to emulate and play for FIFA World Cup at 40 years old that will make his authority undiminished.

The next super star

Domenico Berardi is hoped as the next rising star of Serie A Italy from now on. He has successfully scored about four in a winning over Milan. He has scored about thirty three times in the Italian football league, Serie A. he plays on the right side. He is aggressive, strong and also quick striker that would be absolutely perfect for Italy to EURO 2016.

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