England Football Team for EURO 2016

England Football Team for EURO 2016 has been people’s favorite since few decades. The team has played in UEFA EURO competition for many years. Unluckily, for the last few years, the team didn’t have any pride performance. You must know about EURO where countries compete each other to win the trophy. Following are things you should know about England national football team that will play for EURO 2016. Check it out!

England Football Team for EURO 2016

The head coach

Roy Hodgson is the head coach of England national football team especially for EURO 2016. He describes himself as akin to Sir Alex Ferguson as he has won some trophies when he was with FC Copenhagen, Malmo and also Halmstads. In 1994, he was the coach of Switzerland national football team versus United States but he was failed to deliver trophy for his team. He returned to England in 2007. He was welcomed by Fulham after being fired by Blackburn Rovers. He was successful bring Fulham to escape from the league relegation and then took the team to the final of Europa League in 2010.

He made the EURO 2012 quarter final he wasn’t successful at all. Even though the team was qualified for 2014 World Cup, the team only got one point in the tournament.

How the England football team qualified

England is considered become the second team to qualify after winning seven football matches. Jack Wilshere marshalled the team’s comeback right in Slovenia in the only game the team were totally tested. As the result, the team finished off the remaining group with three victories.

In the qualification matches, Wayne Rooney was successful to score his fifth international goal right in home victory beating Switzerland off. From now on, England is going to have 6 months to work by adding some styles to the effectiveness.

The tournament history

As the world champion in 1968, England lost in semi final to Yugoslavia in EURO 1988. After that, they also defeated USSR in play-off match. The team was also truly dreadful at EURO 1988, 1992 and also 2000. At EURO 1996 the team came home since Germany was successfully winning the semi-final. At EURO 2004 and EURO 2012, they were also undone within the shootouts right at the quarter final by Italy and Portugal respectively.

Key players

Wayne Rooney has been named as the key player of England football team especially for some major international football tournaments. By 2004, he started terrific debut at EURO 2004. He was considered not even worth a place while there are some well-skilled players to consider such as Jack Butland and also Joe Hart. Therefore, although he’s not automatically selected, John Stones’ selection to Chris Smalling is important to their hopes of making headway.

The rising stars

Theo Walcott is hoped to be the rising star of the next EURO 2016 especially for the England national team. The Arsenal player has played perfectly in Premier League tournament so far. Neil Warnock is also considered as the next rising star. Barkley is also considered as the rising star among others as he is named worth for the role of number 10 of England football team.

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