Germany Lack of Striker in EURO 2016

Germany Lack of Striker in EURO 2016 – Germany squad in EURO 2016 is still looking for their best composition with lack of striker due to retirement of Miroslav Klose. However, their goal scorer, Robert Lewandowski that has play brilliance in EURO 2016 qualification reduce the Pep Guardiola worry in sideline and remind the worth of genuine striker. Robert has hit at least 12 goals in his four games. Play for Bayern Munich, Robert is one example of the reborn of a star such as Thomas Muller. Thomas Muller, Mesut Ozil, Manuel Neur, Marco Reus, and other skilled supreme player will form capable squad that overwhelming and humiliate other opponents. Manuel neuer that become the most important Germany man do his job better than other stopper in the league. He has his authority in the European group qualification.

Germany Lack of Striker in EURO 2016

The other player that also becomes talented player for Germany is Mario Gotze that have sharp end of pitch. The last top summer top scorer in Rio is elegant dribbler, finisher and passer that effective play behind or dovetailing striker.  It has been almost two decades where Germany capture third Euro championship at Euro 1996.  This will be their 4th search titles that will make them as tough team in European and world after their last year World Cup win.

The most rivalry team and opponent that Germany will face is Poland that will create the gripping matches during the competition. Poland has proves as worthy competitor in the group with Germany with just a point that separate two nation team. Instead, Germany has stumbled out from the shocking result from the unconvincing result that loss 2-0 away from Polish. However, the Low’s men that have found their rhythm win 3-1 as revemge for Poland that also help this team as top of the group. The loss from Poland has gives this team the maturity process. In other side, the prospect from German opposite in the group will depend in one’s ability to have positive result against Poland.

Under the management of Joachim Low that deliver Germany into Euro 2008 runner place,  2012 semi finals and bronze medal in 2014 World Cup Germany turn into dangerous team in this Group. With their best player composition and talented player, Germany should be not worry about their EURO 2016 squad.  As they have doing in EURO 2012 Spain when they play without striker and win this season, they need to make as well as tactic to beat this hard season due to the lack of one position.

As Group D winner, and as two winners in EURO championship, this will be their benefit with experience and talented player. As the winner, Poland follow this team after beat them in Warsaw.  In the past, Germany has fielded with great striker in their national team. The recent, Miroslav klose has ended his appearance for last World Cup with 16 goals. Unfortunately, he has retired from international football in his age 36 after scored 71 international goals.  This make this team seems vulnerable if the teams not managed well with quick defender that prepared for their weakness in full back and centre backs.

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