Guide to Germany Team EURO 2016

Guide to Germany Team EURO 2016, one of the most powerful national football team in Europe. The team has won the European tournament for couple times. The team has collected some trophies including the trophy of EURO. The team has well-skilled players along with solid team and incredible coach and manager as well. Do you want to know some more? Scroll down to find out!

Guide to Germany Team EURO 2016

The head coach

The head coach for Germany national football team especially for EURO 2016 is Joachim Löw. He was directly appointed by Jűrgen Klinsmanns as he has ever been his assistant during EURO 2004. Löw and Klinsmanns had met for a coaching course and found that they were agreed to took the third place of FIFA 2006 World Cup. Löw was actually promoted on resignation of Klinsmanns after the international tournament taken place, and brought Germany to be the runner-up of EURO 2008, semi-final stage at EURO 2012 and bronze medal at FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

After having defeated by Spain at the semi-final stage of FIFA 2010 World Cup, he was put down by some German press section as a loser who couldn’t inspire the Germany national football team to take the next level. He would’ve been forgiven for showing off four years later but he was so resisted by the triumph temptation with more discipline he has managed to restrain the constant.

How the team qualified

Germany team EURO 2016 won the Group D after having pushed by Poland who beat them with 2-0 actually in Warsaw. The team is also almost capitalized on the world champion as they are only able to achieve one point over the Republic of Ireland. The team has also defeated Scotland twice.

Mario Götze, Mesut özil, Thomas Műller, Marco Reus and Ilkay Gundogan actually can still destroy the defences apart but with no a reliable option as the retirement of Miroslav Klose, there is never an element of surprise toward their playing tactics. The players are playing their own system very good but will look so vulnerable if the teams with quick defenders, resolute are actually prepared to exploit their weaknesses between the full-back and the center-back bastian Schweinteiger and Toni Kroos. Nevertheless, their common opponents are excessively frequently on the back foot to go forward.

The tournament history

West Germany was being the champion at EURO 1972 and EURO 1980. The team was also at the second place at EURO 1976. They was also the runner up at EURO 1992 and EURO 2008 and being the winner at EURO 196. When they’ve been positively failed and gash to get out of the group at EURO 1984, EURO 2000 and EURO 2004, they were able to be the runner up at EURO 1986, FIFA World Cup 2002 and also semi-finalist at FIFA World Cup 2006.

Notable players

Manuel Neuer has been recognized of his role of sweeper-keeper that makes he is named as Neuerbauer. His playing style could be a high risk of defensive strategy Germany ever had as he would be the keeper in his own authority.

Even though Marc-Andre Ter Stegen look very well, but he couldn’t play in the same style without the role of Neuer as well.

The rising stars

Since the return of Marco Reus from injury, there were some obvious concerns about Julian Draxler’s opportunities in the future. As you know, daxler was the part of the winning of FIFA 2014 World Cup squad for sure. Reus has made some chances with his ability of crossing and dribbling the ball. It would be a great debut for him for Germany team EURO 2016.

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