How to Belay in Rock Climbing

Rock climbing sounds like activity which will challenge people’s adrenaline a lot. People can find indoor rock climbing and outdoor rock climbing. One thing for sure, people will find very great difference between both types of rock climbing. Because the indoor rock climbing mirrors the outdoor one, people can find the experience which is safer with the controlled risk. Nevertheless, it does not mean that people do not have to learn and master the skill which is necessary in the indoor rock climbing experience. People have to make sure that they learn and also master belaying technique in the indoor rock climbing gym. Climbing will be all about safety and the climbing safety basis comes from learning how to belay in rock climbing.

How to Belay in Rock Climbing

They need to master this technique because it will influence the safety of the climber as well as the partner. It is the simple process for holding the rope for climbing as well as the climber in the climbing fall event. The rope will be threaded through the belay device after all. The climber and belayer will be linked by the rope in the partnership of safety. It will allow the climber to fall without having to have fear of hitting the surface of the ground which can cause injury or even worse condition.

When people are talking about indoor climbing gym, it means that they are in the controlled situation of the climbing gym. There will be a person who becomes the climber and there will be the other one becomes the climber. The climbing rope will be anchored to the safety gear which is placed at the indoor climbing wall top. It will attach the climber and the belayer. This climbing type is called toproping. The climber will be tied into the rope end directly meanwhile the belayer will be attached to the rope using the belay device.

It is the mechanical device for rock climbing which allows the belayer to hold the weight of climber with the rope not only efficiently but also safely. The belayer has the responsibility for keeping the rope snug on the climber when he or she ascends the wall. Belayer will hold climber if there is falling event. Belayer also has to lower the climber back to the base ground after reaching the wall top.

People will be able to find the rented rock climbing gear at the indoor climbing gym but people have to remember that there is no belayer provided in the indoor climbing gym. Of course they need to take the training for belaying safely. Because of this circumstance, people need to find the trained belayer for climbing with the climber. If people do not have the belayer, they can hook up with another climber who does not come with partner. The gym usually will make the new climbers taking the test for belaying and climbing. The test will include the skill for tying the rope, skill to belay, and the skill of basic climbing movement. After passing the test from the gym, climbing partners can go climbing.

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