How to Calculate Odds on Basketball Mix Parlay Bet?

Being a sports fan can be said to have a lot of effort you should know how to calculate odds on basketball mix parlay bet. Because everything about sports is so serious to them to even to talk about. That is why it can’t be blamed that each sports fan do everything to go against the odds, especially when they are in the situation of betting. As a lot of effort, like time and money is at stake, so they are being cautious so that the risk of getting loss will be lessen.

That is why live in play sports betting, teach each sports fan to do a remedy for their own benefit, especially when it comes to betting for a basketball game. Once this technique is learned and mastered, it will be a good trick to have a higher return on a basketball game bet.

How to Calculate Odds on Basketball Mix Parlay Bet?


Since basketball is one of the most loved sports in the world, many online betting sites highlights some options for these basketball fans, even placing a bet for their favorite team. As these sites, want to provide a best betting experience in regards of basketball and how each sports fan can even earn from their invested money.

But it is not all provided in the website, it is usually the bettor’s responsibility to get the knowhow on winning big in a basketball game bet, once they are familiarized it will be easy to prevent getting a huge loss.

The how to on calculating mix parlay on basketball bet

Doing an online bet requires much sports betting tricks, as everything is in an interactive mode. That is why it will be great loss, if one basketball fan bettor, was not able to understand the technicalities of the game and the winning chance on placing a bet. So it is highly recommended to learn how to calculate mix parlay on basketball bet to have huge chance of winning.

Familiarity is a good advantage in calculating the mix parlay bet, as it will give any basketball  fans bettor a better understanding on the procedures. But to start with, checking the payouts as the odds is a must, as it varies in different online betting sites. But generally, these websites give pay outs for about 2.6/1 for two teamer and 6/1 for a 3 teamer with use of standard -110 lines.

The secret to betting

One secret in this betting field to increase the payout is to include an Off Standard line (one that is not -110) in the parlay and each  basketball bettors will be given ‘True Odds’ instead of the fixed odds one bettor normally receive.

To start the calculation of the mix parlay, multipliers must be determined for each game. Just simply divide what the total payout (risk+ win) by the risk amount. Then, multipliers is already available it will be multiplied with the True Odds of the parlay. The return of parlay computed also includes the risk amounts. So it is already inclusive in the profit.

Doing betting games at QQ101 attracts a great amount of risk, because it is a game of chance, where possible outcomes may apply. But success on making profits solely depends on the efforts of the basketball fan bettor. And most of all having fun and gaining the best experience cannot be ignored, as this could be a better way to do things accordingly, especially on the next tries.

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