Playing Rules in the Base Jumping

Extreme sport not only adrenaline but also provide health benefits not less. If you are in stress for example, knowing the playing rules in the base jumping can be a solution. There are some common characteristics that differentiate extreme sports with other sports in general. Although not exclusive to the young, but extreme sports tend to be committed by those aged 15 to 45 years. Of course this age benchmark depending on the type of extreme sports performed as well as the soundness of the culprit. Another distinctive feature is the extreme sport is not practiced in sports activities in schools, and tends to be done individually rather than in groups. In addition, those who do extreme sports usually get special guidance in advance of the experts who have experienced before doing so.

Playing Rules in the Base Jumping

Extreme sport also has its own peculiarities. If other sports promote competition by competitors, the extreme sports focus on conquering fear ourselves and how we can face the challenges of nature. Sports relieve stress, exercise flexibility of the body, blood circulation to the brain, and could be a therapy to overcome the phobia of heights. One of the extreme sports that are currently in vogue is base jumping. It seems to be a rival for base jumping extreme sport of bungee jumping. Basically both sports are equally in need of a high place. The difference, in bungee jumping rope wears safety supple. While base jumping armed with a parachute.

Our adrenaline will be encouraged swift because the rules on base jumping are jumping without a parachute opening. A glimpse of this sport is no different from the usual skydiving. However, base jumping is an extreme sport because you need calculation when plunging gravity before opening the parachute. There is a limit safe altitude for parachute opening. If we are too close to the ground just opened parachute. But if your parachute fails to inflate, then you can immediately fall to the ground.  Base jumping sport was first popularized by Carl Bonefis. He is a film producer who insert base jumping scene in one film in 1978.

Base is building high as a skyscraper, tower, antenna height, bridges, and anything that has a height. Actually extreme sports Base jumping is not so relied on wind speed and direction in the landing. If you want to try base jumping is an extreme sport, then you need only the courage to jump from a height and open your parachute. There are people who have managed to do sports extreme base jumping and even record. Lovers of sport base jumping course, already familiar with Valery Rosov. She is a base jumper who came from Russia.

He managed to break the world record by jumping from a mountain with an altitude of 6543 m located in the Himalayas of India. He hiked for six days to reach the top of the mountain. The new record of various base jumpers has also been solved. One of the most phenomenal base jumper is Shin Ito. He managed to break the record in 2011. He managed to make the jump from an altitude of 9,800m. He got two records for the speed reaches 363 km / h and the highest jump. This sport is very challenging, but still obey a safe distance in order to open your parachute safely.

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