Poker Texas Caesar, Train Your Poker Strategies

Do you know Texas Holdem Poker? This is very popular card game on Facebook. If you get bored of playing that game, you can direct your choice by playing Poxer Texas Caesar. This card game becomes a rising star on Facebook. It has been developed to beat the popularity of Texas Holdem Poker. Follow these poker texas caesar, train your poker strategies and get a higher chances to win.

Poker Texas Caesar, Train Your Poker Strategies

What Is Poxer Texas Caesar?

Poxer Texas Caesar seems to sound strange among gamer on Facebook. The popularity of this game is not as happening as the other card games. Although it is fairly famous for, you may try playing it. This game also provides joy and fun when you play it. Poxer Texas Caesar is an online game application on Facebook directed to the famous brand from China with the retailers in some countries. This game is usually played for business purposes. For those gamer who do not win the events of Poxer Texas Caesar, they have chances in this event with the bigger gifts from the previous event.

Tricks to Win Poxer Texas Caesar

To win Poxer Texas Caesar, there are several tricks to do. You have to follow a series of events included in this card game. You only gather some profit chips and get in the weekly profit rank. Firstly, touch the image of banner event when you are in the main lobby. After that, choose the event of Texas Tycoon and pres the button of rank to see whether you get in the rank or not. If your name is officially included in the rank, your duty is very easy. You only keep your profit chip for two weeks. When you play Poxer Texas Caesar and get the highest rank of profit chip, you will get more gifts and money. The first rank is getting Kingswing Balance Car. The 2 to 6 rank will get the gift of Vivan Powerbank. The 7 to 50 rank will get the Starbucks card with different money nominal.

Free Version and Paid Version of Poxer Texas Caesar

Poxer Texas Caesar can be played in two versions, free and paid versions. Both versions offer a fantastic game. Free version tends to be simple and practical. Meanwhile, the paid version is more complex with complete features to upgrade. This paid version needs to pay some money to download online poker and upgrade it to be more sophisticated one. The paid version of Poxer Texas Caesar is available modern features giving the classical graphic and features.

In Poxer Texas Caesar, you should not get busy in combining cards. You can see the card combination from the under cards that you had. You may check the rank of card combination by pressing the card button in your left side. The available features in this game are almost same as the other live poker games. The features of this game are fairly friendly. The feature of sit and go requires you following mini tournaments but you have registered it before. The cost of registration is different. For beginners, you should choose the lowest level and tournament with the lowest registration payment. It minimizes to get loss during playing Poxer Texas Caesar.

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