Portugal Gift to EURO 2016 with Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal Gift to EURO 2016 with Cristiano Ronaldo – The Selecao, is the last group that reveal into Paris drama tournament favorite and already become EURO 2016 dark horses from their respective pots. Go to easy group, Group F with Hungary, Austria and Republic of Iceland, this will be their fancy chances to go forward into winning team. Austria and Iceland have several star player but they are not quite as level as Portugal has. In other side, Hungary need to make excellence from their last three games to battle in this group. From the record during European Championship, Portugal record impressive note that have them becomes knockout stages from six times how they are qualified.

Portugal Gift to EURO 2016 with Cristiano Ronaldo

In 2004 they finish as runner up to Greece with home soil, but in their lack of stars quality, will make this team depend on their stars, Cristiano Ronaldo.  This doesn’t means that Portugal doesn’t have talented squad, the noticeable youth squad has already called for international fixtures that bring them bright future in international tournament. However, the youth need to rely in creaking Pepe ad Bruno Alves in defense and the strictly attacker Hugo Almires that recently as closes goal scorer.

The Portugal team seems that they are waiting for Ronaldo magic top. Cristiano Ronaldo with his accurate and greatest player in Portugal entire match becomes the only hope to win this tournament. Although Ronaldo has missed the first qualifiers in last year the shocking result from the Albania defeat that cost head coach lost his job.  The replacement coach Fernando Santos then selected this Ballon d’Or winner for every competitive match until the qualification game and delivers the team into winner of Group I EURO 2016 qualification.  The expectation for Ronaldo to his team is reasonable because team that have world star player such as him will depend on him to win.

Portugal record as Group I winner in qualification. They take 18 points and beat Denmark in the last match.   This is six point ahead from Denmark and seven points ahead from Albania that lost 2-0 from Serbia. They beat Denmark with 1-0 in Braga.  This becomes their 6 appearances in EURO and last 2012 as semi finalist. Therefore, this team becomes favorite team that wins the tournament.  Iceland and Portugal never met until they met in EURO 2012 qualification and play draw result.  In this time, Selecao beat Iceland team with 5-3 and 3-1 from 2 matches round. The match record between Portugal and Austria recorded last match for 21 years ago in Euro 1996 qualification.

Portugal players, Luis Figo create one goal and in FIFA World Cup 1954, Austria defeated Portugal with 9-1 in Vienna. The last opponent for Portugal is Hungary that will meet in 22 June in Lyon. Portugal boast their perform record when they met Hungary. They win in seven matches from their ten match meeting with Hungary. Portugal breech the Hungary defense squad three times in EURO 2000 qualification and take them as best runners up. The last meet is 2018 qualification match that result drawn.

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