Solitaire Arena on Facebook: Real Live Competition

Solitaire Arena on Facebook: real live competition is another solitaire based card game on this social media. The spectacular difference is about real online rivalry with other player on the game. This game reached up to 500 thousand of active users, and it promises a great deal of nostalgic yet more modern fun. Here is the detail.

Solitaire Arena on Facebook: Real Live Competition

What is This Game About?

Instead of making the whole new twist on the game, it features classic game play to players. Windows users must be very familiar to this long surviving classic game. You need to set four piles of cards from the given cards and stock pile. It is not much of difference and you really don’t need to learn to play this game. You don’t have any new features to know except wands. Other than that, there is nothing new about this game. It is literally classic adoption with really tiny modern touches.

Tips and Trick Playing the Game

As we know it, classic Solitaire doesn’t need detailed tips or trick to win the game. You learn natural skill by experience in this game. However, this game features wands option, in which you can see the face down cards we haven’t opened yet. This should be helpful in deciding strategy. You should also try back and forward options available. It is used to revise your move when it is needed. There is an extra option that helps you place cards on foundation automatically. You have limited chances for these options, but you don’t really need one.

Free and Premium Version

Basically, there is no free and premium version. The game is designed to give you the entire fun you can possibly get. It is the nicest part of this game. Players don’t have to buy anything. They can buy extra wands, and more chances for undo and forward move, and auto send cards to foundation. They offer this one a package, $25 for the entire addition of the three options. But without it, you will play like you always play the old solitaire. This game is simple enough, and players are already having a lot of fun.


Unlike common solitaire based card games, this one lets you to compete other player in real time. You can’t play in guild or groups but now you can play against one other player. To make the rivalry more interesting during the session, you will be able to monitor how the other player is doing so far from your above and rather left part of your screen. The system will keep the scores, and you can check it out all the time. This is a great improvement for the game since we’ve been playing solo solitaire for centuries. This is a wanted and pleasing twist.

It is very reasonable that this game has a lot of fans. This can be considered as pioneer in real rivalry solitaire game. It makes card game even more interesting and fun to play without adding too much unnecessary details and accessories. Game creators should consider develop such good points like those in Solitaire Arena.

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