Solitaire, the Best Game for Card Game Lovers

Card game becomes one of popular games on Facebook. There are several kinds of these games that can be played directly on Facebook. You only have the Facebook account. One of the card games is Solitaire, the best game for card game lovers. Solitaire city is one of the best card games. If you have a Facebook account, you should try it.

Solitaire, the Best Game for Card Game Lovers

What Is Solitaire?

Solitaire or Solitaire City is one of online card games on Facebook. There are several features and facilities included in this card game. Those make the gamers love this card game. Solitaire seems to be a simple card game. Though it is a simple game, there are many Facebook users who like playing this game because of the simplicity of this game. This modern card game on Facebook serves a comfortable and nice visualization to your eyes.

With the great visual layout, you can play it comfortably. You also find some interesting icons on the card game. It makes you feel comfortable in running this game. Basically, Solitaire City is able to play until 15 different games of solitaire with more than 60 variations of games in it. It means that it provides a wide variety of games and levels to beat in this card game.

How to Win Solitaire City

When you want to play Solitaire City on Facebook, you have to understand better about tricks and tips to win it. There are several simple things to do. Firstly, you should recognize every step and rule of this game. It is essential to always understand for the basic principles. Secondly, you should be patient in running the game. It means that you have to follow the game step by step to win. You may wait for the best moment to beat your rival.

Some Things about Solitaire City

Some Facebook games are divided into two versions, free version and paid version. This is useful to give a different variation of online game. Free version tends to have simple features and fair facilities for gamers. It is different from the paid version in which it is able to be upgraded after you have paid it. The paid version is possibly downloaded on your smartphone or android in order to play easily. To be able to play free version Solitaire City, you can visit to Facebook account and run the application of this game.

Paid version of Solitaire City offers interesting features and modern layout. It makes you have the pleasant time. Playing this game on android makes you more comfortable and easier because it is able to touch and play. It is enough to press it simply to play Solitaire City. In the paid version, you will find some features that can be changed and adjusted to your desire like special background effect, gaming option, and some features.

Many offered features of Solitaire City make more gamers love this game. You can finish the tournaments of this game. You can win it by inviting your rivals or do it alone. This game is divided into some levels from the easiest one to the hardest one.

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