The Prediction of Spain in EURO 2016

The Prediction of Spain in EURO 2016 will about to begin. As EURO lovers, it will be interesting to discuss about the teams which will have a match. One of the national team which is interesting to discuss is Spain. It is important to discuss about Spain because Spain was the winner of EURO 2012. How about the prospect of this country in EURO 2016? Do you think that they can win just like what they did in EURO 2012? For your information, Spain is included on group D in this EURO 2016.

The Prediction of Spain in EURO 2016

The problem is that they have to beat strong teams. In this team, Spain has to fight against strong teams including Croatia, Czech Republic, and Turkey. What makes this country become the favorite team in EURO 2016 is on its excellent experiences. For example, Spain won FIFA World Cup and Football Tournament in South Africa in 2010. The latest trophy they got is EURO 2012 trophy. Even, they also got the first place in EURO 2008. Those best performances can’t be separated from the dream team they have.

In fact, Spain has great and skillful players who also have enough experience in league. Spain has players such as Iker Casillas, Diego Costa, Cesc Fabergas, Gerard Pique and many more. Those players are also coming from strongest league teams. Those are including Porto, Chelsea, and Barcelona. The best part is that some of them still get their caps. Let say, Spain has Iker Casillas who still active in the Spain national football team until now and even will be played in EURO 2016. Until now, Iker Casillas got 165 caps. This is the same with Cesc Fabergas. Cesc Fabergas started their career in the Spain national football team in 2006. Since his earlier career Fabergas got 101 caps. Moreover, this player also got 14 goals. In short, Spain will be proud to have those players.

Definitely, it makes Spain confident to have matches in EURO 2016. For you who don’t want to miss their first match in EURO 2016, you have to notice that Spain will have their first match on June 13rd 2016. In their first match, Spain has to fight against strong team, Czech Republic. The location of the match will be in Toulouse, French. Then, they have to fight against Turkey. The date of this second match is on 17th 2016. Spain only has 4 days to get rest and start their match.

In fact, Turkey is also a hard team to defeat. Seeing this review, do you think that Spain will get their best performance? It seems that Spain will have their best performance. This is concerning to the fact that Spain still have the same players which were played in EURO 2012. They will not have any significant difficulty because they already have previous experience. For those who predict that Spain will be the winner of EURO 2016 and keep the Champion Trophy in their country, you have to follow each of their matches. Don’t miss the matches and analyze their performance. Hopefully, your dream will be come true and Spain will be the winner.

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