Vegas World to Play Fun Vegas Games for Free

Vegas World is a game that is enjoyed by millions of fans in all over the world. It is the most fun social casino game that can be played for free by everyone. In this game, every player can enjoy synchronous multiplayer gameplay to every kind of the classic gold deluxe casino games such as casino holdem live poker, over 40 types of slots, blackjack, solitaire and bingo. To play the games, you should have sufficient virtual coins that can be gotten through the gameplay. Besides Vegas World to play fun Vegas games for free, the good luck Charms is the feature that can be used to boost the winnings. Customize your avatar and party time in the social environments to enjoy the games more.

Vegas World to Play Fun Vegas Games for Free

The Technology of Vegas World

Vegas World is made by FlowPlay. They make this deep game to bring the players to experience the virtual world by playing the games in mobile devices and web browsers. The game maker develops some technologies to make this game. The best technologies are the first 3D Vector Avatar System and the first social casino white label.

The White Label Platform of Social Casino

The white label platform is used by FlowPlay for game developers, businesses, lad-based casino, and online gaming networks so the people can get into the market of social casinos. This technology is utilized to develop social casino games that are customized by customers. The games are including slots or poker. They also can use this technology to launch social casinos in the virtual worlds. White label platform is dynamic enough to provide the analytics and infrastructure for the partners that are going to launch online social casino games on mobile devices, social media, device with Android operating system, etc.

3D Vector System

The 3D Vector System used in Vegas World game will enable the players to enjoy the game with highly animated characters and customize the game as well. The avatar animations in this game are made in 3D wireframe in Maya that the coordinates are exported in the small files. The coordinates will be served to 100 vector files in one group. The files stretch, move, and flip so the games with 3D animations can be played in 2D environment. This technology also enables the developers to create hundreds of animation in Maya and perform them in 2D characters.

How to Play Vegas World Game 

To play Vegas World game, the first thing to do is accessing the game that can be gotten for free through web browsers, play stores or kinds of social media. In this game, you will feel the atmosphere that is same like when you enter a real land-based casino. The virtual casino world will serve you kinds of casino games to play. Choose one of most favorite games for you and enjoy he games. In each game, you may find a dealer. Try to make the dealer lose the game by playing with your best tricks and strategies in each game. Then you can collect many virtual coins after winning the games. When you have collected sufficient amounts of coins, you can access more games with much more fun.

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